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Does my house need to be Rewired?

Faulty electrics can be a very serious safety and fire hazard, so it is vital that you are aware of the current condition of your homes electrics and whether they are due for a replacement. It can be difficult to know if your home is due for rewiring, but we are here to help you by explaining why it can be necessary and of any warning signs that indicate you need to update them.

It is recommended that your home’s electrics are inspected by a professional electrician every 10 years (if the house is being lived in) and every 5 years for a rental property or at a change of tenancy.

Is Rewiring necessary?

Rewiring your home is not always necessary but we have listed a few cases for when it is.

· If your home is over 25-30 years old and has not been rewired in that time, then it is probably worth replacing them so that they meet current standards. The old wiring may also be too old and worn down to work efficiently with modern appliances.

· If you are remodelling, you may be required to replace the entire homes wiring. Building Regulations suggests that any material alterations must be rewired along with the rest of your property, including an upgrade of the fuse box.

· If you are extending your home (e.g. building on a conservatory or converting a garage). Any new and existing electrical wiring must conform to Part P: Electrical Safety standards according to the Building Regulation rules.

· If you have noticed any problems with the electrics within your home. There are a number of warning signs to look out for which we will cover in the next part of this article.

Warning signs that your home needs Rewiring

Here are some warning signs that suggest your electrical wiring needs replacing.

· Your house is old: If your house is over 25-30 years old and you are unsure if it has been rewired since it was built, contact your local electrician to perform an electrical conditioning survey.

· Lights that flicker or dim: If your lights flicker and dim often it is likely not a fault with the lightbulb and actually a sign that your electrics need replacing.

· Your fuses keep blowing: Fuses that blow repeatedly are not a sign of healthy electrics. It is possible that it is being caused by a particular nuisance appliance, however if you cannot pinpoint the cause it may be time to get an electrician in to take a look.

· Small electric shocks: If plugging in any electrical appliance is causing you to receive a small electric shock then you need to have an electrician check it immediately. Small electric shocks can become large ones, and this is a huge health and safety risk.

· Discoloured sockets and switches: If you have noticed any brown scorch marks on your sockets then there is a large risk of a small fire occurring. Scorch marks are usually caused by loose wire connections inside the socket and will need to be replaced in order to avoid a fire hazard.

· You can smell burning: Is there a persistent burning smell in your home that you can’t quite figure out the source of? If yes, then it is likely that the smell is being caused by faulty electrics. These will need replacing straightaway and electricians will ask you to turn off your electrics at the circuit to prevent any further risk of fire.

How much does it cost to Rewire a house?

The cost of rewiring a house can vary due to its size, however it usually ranges between £3000-£7000 if all of it needs replacing. However, if only some of the wiring needs to be updated then the cost will be much lower. The cost and number of new electrics needed for your home will be established during the electrical conditioning survey.

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